Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PET Scan Results

We saw Dr. Patel today before Mom started her 5th round of Chemo. He walked in the patient room and said "I have good news"! WOO HOO.. Although the cancer is not completely gone the Chemo and Radiation has worked wonders so far. The right lung is no longer FULL of cancer it's about the size of a Golf Ball. This is MUCH MUCH better than what it was. GOD IS AWESOME. He has answered tons and tons of prayers and I'm sure he will continue to answer them. Thank you and Praise God
Dr. Patel thought Mom was starting her 4th round of Chemo today and not her 5th round so he went ahead and advised that it would be best to add a 7th round of Chemo to just make sure it's completely gone when he schedules another PET scan in April. So as of right now if all goes according to plan and Mom is cancer free at the end of her 7th round she will receive her final dose of Chemo on Benjamin's 5th Birthday - April 1 -- And No this is not a joke at all.