Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Round - Second time around is done

Today was the final day of Mom's first round of chemo for the seond time. She is feeling okay not th best but not the worse either. She's been taking her zofran to help and it's working.

Please continue to pray that our Awesome God completely heals Mom of this cancer and that she is able to live a long time cancer free.

Thank you!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Check out these hot Mom's

Mom's friend Lynn has 2 new Camaro's. Lynn's husband Jim has the "Bubble Bee" Transformer Camaro so Lynn took Mom for a ride in it Friday night. She had a blast.

Thanks so much Lynn & Jim -- See you in the fall on our "retreat".

FFHCCA Annual Conference

Mom had planned a "Suprise" visit to the FFHCCA Conference in Clearwater Beach for this past weekend, so when Dr. Patel broke the news that the cancer had returned we asked it if would still be okay to go out of town for the weekend and his reply was Go and have a good time.

So even after hearing that the cancer had returned and she would have to start Chemo on Monday Mom was ready to hit the road to Clearwater. Sheraton Sand Key here we come.

There was only 1 person who knew we were coming down and that was Mom's friend Lynn. Lynn had a big task ahead of her and that was to keep the secret for a WHOLE week that Mom was coming to the conference and I'm proud to report she did a WONDERFUL job of keeping the secret.

We showed up at the Resort at 5:00 pm Friday afternoon. The classes for the day were just ending. We walked into the hotel and at first people didn't recognize Mom but once they did it was all over, there was screams, thrills and even tears. They were so happy to see her and Mom had a HUGE Smile on her face, she was happy to be there with her friends.

After 2 Months of being cancer free, Mom's cancer is now back

Mom had a PET scan done on June 22, 2010 and we received the results on Friday June 25, 2010. There are 2 spots one on each lung. There are around an inch big. Mom will be starting Chemo again tomorrow. She will be doing the same meds as before so it will be 3 days every 3 weeks. Dr. Patel has ordered another PET scan for 6 weeks to see how the Meds are working.

It's been a long road for Mom but we all have faith that God will heal her and will make her cancer free once again. We all know that he is in control and has the power to heal her.

Please continue to keep Mom in your prayers.

I've been behind in posting.. sorry

Sorry I've been a little slow in posting updates. Just to give you a run down of the past 3 months. Wow I really am behind.

April - Mom received her 7th round of Chemo and all went well. She had a PET scan done and on April 19 we received the news that she was cancer free... Praise God.. then on the 20 she went into the hospital for blood and platelets and ended up being admitted to find out she had Sepic (a blood infection). She spent 8 days in the hospital then on the 28 her sister Sis came back down and to help us in taking care of Mom. We can't thank her enough she was a live saver. Poor thing was here with us for 11 days earlier in April then was home 1 week before she came back down to spend another 14 days with us.

May - All was well Mom was getting better and better each day

June - Mom has completed 10 rounds of preventative Whole Brain Radiation to help prevent the cancer for ever going to the brain.

That now brings us to current .....