Sunday, June 27, 2010

FFHCCA Annual Conference

Mom had planned a "Suprise" visit to the FFHCCA Conference in Clearwater Beach for this past weekend, so when Dr. Patel broke the news that the cancer had returned we asked it if would still be okay to go out of town for the weekend and his reply was Go and have a good time.

So even after hearing that the cancer had returned and she would have to start Chemo on Monday Mom was ready to hit the road to Clearwater. Sheraton Sand Key here we come.

There was only 1 person who knew we were coming down and that was Mom's friend Lynn. Lynn had a big task ahead of her and that was to keep the secret for a WHOLE week that Mom was coming to the conference and I'm proud to report she did a WONDERFUL job of keeping the secret.

We showed up at the Resort at 5:00 pm Friday afternoon. The classes for the day were just ending. We walked into the hotel and at first people didn't recognize Mom but once they did it was all over, there was screams, thrills and even tears. They were so happy to see her and Mom had a HUGE Smile on her face, she was happy to be there with her friends.

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