Sunday, June 27, 2010

I've been behind in posting.. sorry

Sorry I've been a little slow in posting updates. Just to give you a run down of the past 3 months. Wow I really am behind.

April - Mom received her 7th round of Chemo and all went well. She had a PET scan done and on April 19 we received the news that she was cancer free... Praise God.. then on the 20 she went into the hospital for blood and platelets and ended up being admitted to find out she had Sepic (a blood infection). She spent 8 days in the hospital then on the 28 her sister Sis came back down and to help us in taking care of Mom. We can't thank her enough she was a live saver. Poor thing was here with us for 11 days earlier in April then was home 1 week before she came back down to spend another 14 days with us.

May - All was well Mom was getting better and better each day

June - Mom has completed 10 rounds of preventative Whole Brain Radiation to help prevent the cancer for ever going to the brain.

That now brings us to current .....

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