Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Family Coming into Town

We are all looking forward to Sis and Donnies arrival next Wednesday (just in time for Mom to finish her 7th Chemo Round). I hoping Mom is feeling well and is able to be out and about a little to enjoy our time while they are here. We will be having Benjamin's 5th Birthday party while they are here. I can't believe that my Baby will be 5 tomorrow.

We had pictures taken yesterday and I had a special one made for Mom and Dad.. I'll share it here with you..

7th Round

Mom's 7th round of Chemo has been postponed by a week due to Mom's blood level and platelet levels. If all goes well and her levels come up Mom will receive her Chemo next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Radiation Dr. Appt

Mom and Dad had an appointment today with the Radiation Dr. He said Mom sounded really good and looked good. He was surprise by how well she was doing. Then he asked if they wanted him to go over the PET Scan from February and of course they said yes, even thou Dr. Patel already said it was looking Good.
This doctor said that the PET Scan looked good but probably wasn't very accurate given the fact that she had just finished radiation 2 weeks prior to the scan and she would still be "radiating" inside. He did go on and say that the scan showed that the cancer was 90% gone. This was done before the Chemo in February and the Chemo she did this week so it would be even better now.
This was wonderful news they received today and Mom doesn't have to see him again until June.

6th Round of Chemo

First off let me say that I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while I've been busy.

Now to this weeks details. Mom was scheduled to start her 6th round of Chemo on Tuesday but when she saw Dr. Patel her blood was low but okay to get Chemo that day but would have had to gotten blood later in the week however since Mom had 3.5 days of Chemo they decided to go ahead and send her to St. Lukes and receive 2 units of blood on Tuesday and start the Chemo on Wednesday. So that's what we did.

Wednesday Addie took Mom to the Chemo Lab and they started the 6th round of Chemo. Dad took her on Thursday and today to receive the other doses of Chemo. She is now done with the 6th round and feeling okay.

She now only has 1 more round to go. Praise God