Thursday, February 18, 2010

Round 5 is done...

Mom finished her last day of the 5th round of chemo today. She made it home around 12:15 and so far is feeling good. She goes in tomorrow for the shot to help keep her white blood count up then we prepare for the big sale on Saturday.
It's bitter-sweet for all of us. Mom has had her Home Child Care for 20 years, over half of my life. Hopefully after Saturday most if not all of her supplies will be in other Home Child Care's or Centers for other children to enjoy. Mom and Dad will now have a "spare" room. That's something they haven't had in more than 20 years. Since while I was growing up I had the room that is now the play room and Mom's sewing room was the play room. Once I moved out with my husband (now) Joey Mom turned my room into the play room and the old play room into the sewing room and over flowing daycare room. Benjamin is excited that Mimi & Pop will have a bed for him to sleep in once Mimi is better and he is able to spend the night with them.
I know that once Mom is all better and able to drive and be out there will be no stopping her. Mom and Benjamin will be out and about and nothing will stop them. In the summer they will be in the pool or in the sewing room making something awesome. I know this day is so close.
Mom is now down 5 round of Chemo and only has 2 more rounds to go. Hang in there Mom you are strong and I know you can continue to fight this.

A Special THANK YOU to all of our friends and family for all the love, support, thoughts and prayers during this time. I give all the glory to God, because without him none of this would be possible. Praise God! Good is good all the time.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

5th Round of Chemo

The 5th round has officially begun. Mom has 1 day down and 2 more to go. She's feeling well so far. Mom's spirits are up and she's still fighting it and after the good news today she's really ready to continue the fight.
I wasn't able to have lunch with her and Addie today since I went to the Appointment this morning and got to work really late. But the appointment was much more important to me today then lunch. I will join them tomorrow.

PET Scan Results

We saw Dr. Patel today before Mom started her 5th round of Chemo. He walked in the patient room and said "I have good news"! WOO HOO.. Although the cancer is not completely gone the Chemo and Radiation has worked wonders so far. The right lung is no longer FULL of cancer it's about the size of a Golf Ball. This is MUCH MUCH better than what it was. GOD IS AWESOME. He has answered tons and tons of prayers and I'm sure he will continue to answer them. Thank you and Praise God
Dr. Patel thought Mom was starting her 4th round of Chemo today and not her 5th round so he went ahead and advised that it would be best to add a 7th round of Chemo to just make sure it's completely gone when he schedules another PET scan in April. So as of right now if all goes according to plan and Mom is cancer free at the end of her 7th round she will receive her final dose of Chemo on Benjamin's 5th Birthday - April 1 -- And No this is not a joke at all.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Last Week

Last week was her 2nd "off week" of Chemo. Mom was tired a lot and couldn't eat to much. Like any normal Tuesday for us Addie took Mom to Dr. Patel's office to have blood drawn for the weekly check and to receive the shot to help keep her blood levels up. However her blood level and platelet levels was down. She still received the shot/injection but saw Dr. Patel where he advised her she needed to go to St. Lukes Hospital to receive transfusions of both Blood and Platelets. Mom arrived at St. Lukes around 11:30 in the morning and they put her in room 459. This is the same floor and hall where she was in November only this time she was not going to be staying the night she was free to go once all the transfusions was completed. After all the blood work and the double checking the blood types and triple checking the orders with Dr. Patel Mom started receiving the first bag of blood around 4:45. Each bag of blood took around 2 hours, then it was time for the platelets. She was able to leave the hospital around 10:15 that night. Since receiving both the blood and the plates Mom has been feeling MUCH better. She's able to stay awake, actually eat and what to eat and even be on the computer.

We have a BIG Day tomorrow...

Mom had a PET Scan last Friday so tomorrow February 16, 2010 is not only the start of her 5th round of Chemo but we will also get the results from Dr. Patel of her PET Scan. We will know tomorrow how all the radiation and chemo has done to fight the cancer away.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Daycare Supply Sale

Mom and Addie have been boxing up the daycare room and are preparing for our big sale on Saturday February 20, 2010. This will be held at Mom's house and will include indoor toys, science stuff, kids tables, kids books, the outside toys and a 6 seater bye bye buggy..

Monday, February 1, 2010

Certificate of Completion!

On Friday January 29, 2010 Mom received her final radiation therapy treatment and received a wonderful Certificate of Completion for Radiation Therapy from FROG!

I want to say Thank you to FROG and to Nicole, Orbeny, Meghann and Dr. Nurani for taking wonderful care of Mom during her 30 days of treatment. Nicole, Orbeny & Meghann are the techs that really did all the work. They were there on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and even New Years Day to give the treatments. Orbeny was there for Mom that "rough" Monday in January and was nothing but caring for Mom and her feelings. I can't thank them or FROG enough.
Thank you and we will see you 4 or so weeks for the PET Scan.

4th Round Pictures

Here's Mom on day 2 of round 4. Looking good and feeling well.

Sorry I'm slow this time getting these up. There's no lunch picture either. Yeah I know I'm slipping. Next time I promise.