Monday, February 15, 2010

Last Week

Last week was her 2nd "off week" of Chemo. Mom was tired a lot and couldn't eat to much. Like any normal Tuesday for us Addie took Mom to Dr. Patel's office to have blood drawn for the weekly check and to receive the shot to help keep her blood levels up. However her blood level and platelet levels was down. She still received the shot/injection but saw Dr. Patel where he advised her she needed to go to St. Lukes Hospital to receive transfusions of both Blood and Platelets. Mom arrived at St. Lukes around 11:30 in the morning and they put her in room 459. This is the same floor and hall where she was in November only this time she was not going to be staying the night she was free to go once all the transfusions was completed. After all the blood work and the double checking the blood types and triple checking the orders with Dr. Patel Mom started receiving the first bag of blood around 4:45. Each bag of blood took around 2 hours, then it was time for the platelets. She was able to leave the hospital around 10:15 that night. Since receiving both the blood and the plates Mom has been feeling MUCH better. She's able to stay awake, actually eat and what to eat and even be on the computer.

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