Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Radiation Treatment

Mom's radiation treatment was scheduled to end tomorrow January 27 however due to Mom's blood work last week and her low platelet levels they suspended her radiation last Thursday and Friday. This means that the radiation will not end tomorrow but will end on Friday. This Friday marks 6 weeks or 30 treatments of radiation. This is a major milestone for Mom and completes one set of the two types of treatment she is getting. Friday also will make the 4th round of chemo complete and will leave her with only 2 rounds of Chemo left.

Dr. Patel Mom's oncologist said we would schedule Mom's PET Scan 3 or so weeks after she finishes radiation. So in February we will know two things. (1) How well the tumor shrunk due to the radiation and (2) How much cancer (If any) is left in Mom's body. I know Dr. Patel said the main goal is to be cancer free before the 6th round is given. I Pray everyday that the next PET scan will show AWESOME news. I'm sure it will as GOD IS AWESOME and GOD is in control over this situation.

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