Tuesday, January 26, 2010

4th Round

Mom's 4th round of Chemo has officially started and has already completed day 1 of the 3 day round. She went in today and did her radiation at 8:30. Then at first she didn't have to do blood work so we just waited to see the Doctor. We saw another doctor today not Dr. Patel she wanted to go ahead and do additional blood work to check on Mom's Iron Level and Hemoglobin level. So then it was off to the Chemo lab where they didn't start until 10:15 so technically Mom shouldn't have finished her Chemo today until 6:30 or later and since a Doctor has to be the premises while Chemo is dripping they decided to run the meds in a different manner today. It worked out to Mom's advantage and she was out of there by 4:30. She asked the nurse if they could do the same thing tomorrow and Ann said she didn't see why they couldn't so she might be home before 5 tomorrow.

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