Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last Week

Mom had a busy week last week. On Tuesday she went in for blood work her levels were low so she had to go to Memorial Hospital for a blood transfusion. Mom was scheduled for a scope on Wednesday at 7 AM at St. Lukes. She got there they did blood work and it showed her platelets were low so Dr. Kakkar was not able to do the scope. Your platelets are what makes your blood clot and with Mom's being low in the event of some blood she would not be able to clot and that would cause problems. Due to all this Dr. Kakkar felt it would be best if Mom was admitted to receive more transfusion's and then schedule the scope on Friday. Mom was not happy about any of this but went along. Everything moved along and the scope was done on Friday Morning. The test confirmed there was a tumor on the upper lope of the right lung. It's smaller than the one in November and they fell the Chemo will take care of the tumor so now it's a wait and watch it. Mom was released from the Hospital around 2:30 on Friday and was happy to be home.

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