Thursday, December 10, 2009

Treatment Schedule

Mom is scheduled to start radiation on Monday December 14, 2009. She will do 5 straight days of radiation for 5 straight weeks. She will also be starting her 2nd round of Chemo on Tuesday December 15, 2009 in conjunction with the radiation. The rounds of Chemo is 3 straight days every 3 weeks. During her 5 weeks of radiation she will have her 2nd & 3rd round of chemo in conjunction with her 1st and 4th week of radiation.

Radiation, while it is every day and is 5 full weeks the procedure itself is short. They have told us it will take 20 mins each day from start to finish.

Chemo is much longer. The first day of each round she gets 2 different types of Chemo Meds along with regular fluids. This will put her 1st day in the clinic at around a minimum of 6 hours. The other 2 days are much short and will have her int he clinci for a minimum of 3 hours.

We are all keeping a positive additude and know that Mom is strong and that God will see her and all of us through this battle.


  1. Saw Judie & Keith last night. She has the best attitude about this & that really is a big part of the battle. They were upbeat & proactive & just ready to get in there & fight like crazy to beat this. I'm in there with the prayers & whatever other help you may need. Love to all. Terry

  2. Judie seems like a strong, determined lady and she has a great support system. I know she will overcome this obstacle. You will be in my thoughts and prayers next week as you start radiation.

  3. I hope everything goes smoothly. You guys stay strong and please let me know if there's anything I can do! Love you guys!

  4. Judie: I work with Tracy and have been following along as you have faced this ordeal. I have also faced a similar situation with my mother many years ago when I was 14. I am now 48 and happy to say that my mother is 84. You are stong and determined to beat this and that is what it takes. Along with prayer and excellent medical care you will win. May God bless you all.