Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And its Off....

Mom's hair that is.
After having it cut really short last Thursday by Lynn our hair dresser it continued to fall out by the hand fulls.
So on Monday afternoon Mom gave Dad the choice either he take the clippers to get it all off or she will take the clippers and do it herself. I tried to tell her I would do it after work that I always wanted to "play" beauty shop. LOL She thought it was funny but Dad ended up doing it that afternoon and it looks great...
Dad even cut his to look like Mom - Almost anyways I will get a picture this week or weekend of both of them together.


  1. Awe...looks like she's in good spirits about it all. Love that smile!!

  2. She's still beautiful! That's so sweet of your Dad to cut his for support. Its kinda romantic.

  3. Hi Judie. I have to say you look better bald than I did. Must be the tan! My prayers are with you. Love Rose